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We approach projects through a collaborative effort that is sensitive to the needs and preferences of the Client.

Our research & tools empowers your Company with the knowledge to make intelligent bussiness, and our best practices ensure your projects are creative, cost effective, and efficient.

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C-TECH is developing projects to meet growing market needs for renewable energy resources and technologies in order to provide sustainable and affordable electricity.

C-TECH Wind Generation, formed in 2003, leverages C-TECH 's more than 7 years experience in originating, financing, developing and managing power projects in Romania. C-TECH Wind Generation will operates more than 1,500 MW of wind capactiy in Dobrogea Area.

C-TECH venture with Rokura is developing utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects. Formed in 1992, Rokura Group owns and operates more than 30 MW of projects in Romania, and has a development pipeline of projects in countries that offer incentives for renewable energy projects.

Climate Solutions
C-TECH is developing projects and technologies that reduce or offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions—primarily by capturing and destroying methane in a variety of forms before it reaches the atmosphere—creating attractive opportunities for c-TECH while improving the environment in the process.